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About us

The Quality system & assurance agency With Vision!!

From the sober stones to the glittering lighting, from the soft cushions to the macho metals, from terracotta pots to serious furniture. We specialize in the entire gamut of products from Indian

We, a team of committed, experienced & skilled professionals operate with a Vision of working in partnership with customers and serve as “A one-stop-shop service”.

As we believe our clients deserve the best, we believe in the best.

In order to apprise you of our background and give you a brief insight to our services and product profile, we present, for your immediate reference, a dossier.

While today's Increasing Cost and Competition has generated a sincere need for every one to make a serious effort to be quality-conscious & become cost-effective producer who can deliver within a deadline for its customers, QSS works as a support mechanism to accomplish the effort in most efficient way.
QSS cocoons a team of dedicated professionals, with the sole motto of delivering best services and providing best quality setups. We maintain a constantly high standard of business conduct, ethics, confidentiality and social responsibility. QSS believes the QA activity, conducted in parallel with the application modification, will provide client with the resources and risk mitigation support to a timely and successful implementation.
QSS major assert is to work with an endeavor to be the BEST!
We take pride in the efficiency of what we do and always employ the most effective and latest technology available. The flexibility of the methodology enables us to implement a specific QA program that focuses on risk mitigation during all phases of the Database Design. Our methodology outlines an array of quality assurance and quality control techniques. Our QA activities are in parallel with the project activities and are integrated with our overall System design and development methodology.
Consistent and structured QA activities not only aid the project team in delivering an excellent product at the expected cost and on schedule, but also contribute to QSS commitment in delivering a product that exceeds client’s expectations.

Our Mission is to equip your organisation with a system, which helps you save on cost and make you feel satisfied.

We at QSS can proudly announce that Quality Assurance is our Forte!!
Services Rendered/Offered:

System management is our business. Working in partnership with our customers, we cater to their needs of:

External Quality Assurance/Inspection agency: We as a team are well versified with the technical know how and Quality standards of the products. Confidentiality and Ethical Values are our major strengths. We will ensure that the QA activities bridge the gap between the project management and technical activities of the project.
Troubleshooters: We with our years of exposure and experience in the industry have an ability to analyse the Issues. Trusting our capabilities, we perform as helpline for the unresolved issues. Our project approach facilitates this by producing incremental work products that are reviewed by QSS project management at each step.
Setting Quality department / Establishing Internal system within the company: Quality assurance and related quality control activities are among the most productive and effective functions that are performed on a system development, helping to ensure that client is delivered the highest quality product, on schedule and within budget. QSS assists companies to understand international quality requirements and develop/establish Internal Quality systems/ gauges to achieve the same.

Training: An effective QA program involves a comprehensive discipline of measures (metrics), tools for diagnosis and measurement, and a professional staff that is technologically proficient. To make your staff well aware of all, QSS conducts training programmes.

Establishing production-planning systems: We firmly believe that quality is not a random occurrence - the achievement of quality must be planned. To plan production and achieve the targeted production in stipulated time QSS provides know how for Production planning to the companies and make them understand the procedure of Production planning and management system.
Providing the required paper work:
To manage the quality & production time, QSS designs and provides the required reporting formats and Documents.

Design of packaging: We specialize in customized packing, in corrugated packaging, design and production of custom cases and cushioned skids, vapor barrier, shock and vibration protection packing, containerization and consolidation.
Factory setups according to Evaluation norms: We are well equipped with the knowledge of International Evaluation Norms and requirements and assist factories in setting up their Infrastructure according to the norms.


Quality Assurance Model

We follow the following Quality Assurance model, which defines a quality assurance process that is consistent with the recognized standard. This model is adapted according to our client's needs and standards.

We take pride in our emphasis on the quality assurance process and ensure time-based completion. The benefits of QSS quality assurance process include:

>> Identifying potential problem areas and possible solutions
>> Examination of key issues and decisions
>> Providing expert review


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